Furious Tory MPs say No10s use of SAGE modelling is a national scandal as they accuse Professor Lockdown of seeking publicity for hysterical forecasts

Conservative Bob Seely called for a debate on scientific modelling during the pandemic in which he accused forecasters of wildly inaccurate predictions leading to lockdowns.

Jose Mourinho is under consideration to become the next Everton boss following the sacking of Rafa Benitez and the appointment of Duncan Ferguson as the clubs caretaker manager

Jose Mourinho is reportedly under consideration to become the next Everton manager following the sacking of Rafa Benitez.

Exxon pledges net-zero goal for its operations by 2050 - but target WONT include customer usage which accounts for 85% of the 762million tons of greenhouse gases it releases ...

Exxon pledges to hit next-zero emissions by 2050, but the target only includes 15% of its total emissions. It released about 762 million tons in 2020 and the 2050 pledge only cuts 112 million tons.

Rollout of 5G in the US is POSTPONED just hours before switch-on after fears to could interfere with aeroplanes’ instruments, causing chaos and grounding flights across the ...

The CEOs of major US carriers earlier warned of an impending 'catastrophic' crisis if AT&T and Verizon deployed their new 5G services, with hundreds of flights potentially called off.

Masks divide at SCOTUS: Diabetic liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor, 67, is attending Supreme Court remotely because right-winger Neil Gorsuch ‘refuses to wear a mask’

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has refused to wear a mask in court despite pleas from Chief Justice John Roberts, according to a report.